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World War Two

Please find below several narratives and copies of World War Two, 79th Division, 314th Infantry documents. A great deal of time, effort and love has gone in to compiling this information. The 314th's "Through Combat," a unit profile written in 1948 was obtained through a generous party who wishes to remain anonymous. Also donated is a copy of "Combat History of the 314th Infantry - The Falcon Regiment." A separate narrative has been written using the above sources, as well as personal accounts of the combat activities and troop movements of the 314th. A Service Account of a 314th IR wireman, and a personal Service Account written by the same wireman of his best friend's activities with the 8th Army Air Forces' 447th Bomb Group are archived here. Enjoy these documents, treat them with respect and honor, but most importantly, do not republish them in any form without express written consent of the 314th Infantry Regiment World War Two Association, their respective authors, and the owner of this website. You may download each document for your own personal enjoyment. Thank you!

"The 314th Infantry Regiment"
by Lori Cutshall


Service Account of Cpl. Joseph W. Campbell
314th IR, HQ CO, wireman
by Lori Cutshall


Service Account of TSGT
William P. "Sonny" Mitchell, Jr.

447th BG, 8th Army Air Force
by Joseph W. Campbell


*All documents are in PDF format and you must have Adobe Acrobat to view.