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Frequently Asked Questions


--Should we meet for a consultation?

We offer a no-obligation, personal consultation for each couple who is considering us for their wedding photography. Please call for available times and we will be happy to schedule a time for you to come by or meet with us. Various scheduling available for consultations, and limited weekend scheduling is also available. As a general rule, plan on about 45 minutes to one hour for a wedding consultation. We will go over our fees and contract, answering any questions you might have.

--Do you request a deposit?

We require a 25% deposit and a signed contract to book our services. Once the retainer has been received and details have been finalized on the wedding questionnaire and contract sheet, your booking with us is finalized.

--How many photographs do you take during a wedding?

With one photographer, the average is roughly 600-700 photos. With two photographers working together, both shooting, over 1000 photos.

--When we receive our images, have they been color corrected?

Yes. The images you receive will be fully edited, color corrected and cropped ready for printing. We use a variety of editing software including Adobe PhotoShop.

--Can I have black and white prints as well as color?

We always provide certain images we feel are expressed well in black and white at no additional charge. If there are more photos you would like converted to the black and white medium, arrangements can be made.

--When we receive the original files, are they printable for any size print?

You will receive the full-resolution images on CD/DVD, copyright-free, ready to print as large as 16 x 20. Certain limitations on size may apply due to cropping of an image for better results.

--Do you travel?

Yes. There is no travel fee to photograph your wedding anywhere within a 40 mile radius from Blountville, Tennessee. Greater than that, an additional fee will apply. Please ask for details.

--What is your start time for wedding day photography?

Our normal start time is at least one hour before the ceremony. This allows us time for equipment set up, assessment of the location for our shooting strategy, and taking a few shots of the bride, groom, and other wedding party members, before the ceremony. An earlier arrival can be requested based on your needs.

--What shooting style do you use for weddings?

We generally use a combination of candid photography mixed with the traditional formal poses, with a little bit of fun thrown in to balance out your portfolio. What we decide on between the bride and groom in the consultation is the key. Don't be afraid to ask questions, give suggestions, or request certain types of shooting. This is your wedding, and we want to tell the story of your day, your way.

--How soon after the wedding can the bride and groom expect to receive the edited images?

In most cases, you will receive your images on CD/DVD within 2 to 3 weeks following the wedding.

--Do you allow other people to take photographs while you are working?

There is no problem with friends and relatives taking photographs during the formal shooting, however we request that any photographs be taken after we are finished with each pose. We have been hired to do a job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Too many interruptions can cause inappropriate delays, interference with our flashes, and can cause logistical issues with getting the wedding party to the reception on time.

Notes on Formal Photos:

Formal posed photos usually include various combinations of the bride, groom, wedding party members, and immediate family members. Posed formals may even include extended family members and close friends.

Posed formals may be taken either before or after the ceremony. In most cases, we do some formal photos both before and after the ceremony. Sometimes, the bride, groom and family will decide to do all formal photos before the ceremony.

A quick set of formal photos may be taken in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. An extended session may last from 45 minutes to one hour. Of course, it depends on the size of the wedding party and the number of family members and friends you wish to include. We try to keep formal photo sessions done after the ceremony under 30 minutes in order to minimize the time in getting the family and wedding party to the reception. It is often helpful to do some of the formal photography of the bride alone, groom alone, etc., before the ceremony to save time and shorten the photo session after the ceremony.

It's always a good idea for the bride and groom to make a specific list of all of the family members (or family groups) of whom they'd like to have photos taken. Such lists can be delivered to us before the wedding and we will bring the list to the wedding with us. Such a list also helps to speed up the process of taking the formal photos, so that there is less time taken in making last-minute decisions on which groups of people to include in those photos. Make sure not to make the list of formal too long. Have a friend at the ready to help with assembling the groups. Communicate thoroughly with our photographers. Go over every aspect of the day, the visual ideas, examples, etc. The more information the better.

It should be noted that many churches have time limits allowed for formal photography sessions following ceremonies (sometimes as little as 20 to 30 minutes). Often, there may be another scheduled wedding or services for which the church must prepare after a wedding is finished, which can also affect the amount of time available for formal photos. It is always a good idea to check with the church officials well in advance of the actual wedding so that appropriate plans for the formal photo session may be made.

Location Portraits

--Where should we go to take the photos?

We do not operate out of a formal studio, so we photograph "on-location." Locations can be at your home, yard, a local park, or anywhere you choose within a 40 mile radius of Blountville, Tennessee. Any farther, and an additional fee will apply. Just ask for details.

--How long does a session last?

The portrait session will last up to three hours with breaks for feeding, diaper changes and bathroom breaks. To ensure the best results, be sure that everyone is rested and fed. If possible, limit children's sugar intake on the day of the session.

--What should we wear?

Clothing is up to you, depending on the location. If it's an outdoor location, such as a park, casual clothing works well. Avoid anything bright/busy patterns, visible logos or writing on it. In general, solid colors are best. Simplicity is important for your clothing and accessories. Darker clothing minimizes, while lighter clothing slightly emphasizes body size. There's no need for everyone in the family to match each other, but you should consider colors that compliment each other. Varying shades of the same color and earth tones work well. Shoes are just as important as your clothes because they show in photos. Most often, dark-toned shoes work best. Bare feet can be fun as well where appropriate. If this is a more formal session, such as engagement photos, then you should bring appropriate items such as a blanket and good walking shoes.

--When should we expect our photographs?

In most cases, you will receive your images on CD/DVD within 1 to 3 weeks.

Lorwings Photography Documents

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If you have any problems obtaining these documents, please e-mail us!