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Gambling on Reno

September 10, 2002

While reading the morning papers on the Internet, I came across this headline on the Washington Times web site: "Reno scrambles for support." The article sums up the difficulty the former attorney general is having in garnering support for her Democrat Party bid for governor. It seems her Party opponent, attorney Bill McBride, has moved from a 60 point deficit to a two to three point lead over Reno in the polls.

In a last minute sweep of the state, Ms. Reno gave speeches, shook hands, and greased the political skids. "The people of Florida want a governor who calls it like she sees it," Miss Reno said. "The people of Florida want someone who will stand by her decisions."

Calls it like she sees it? Didn't Dan Rather say that about Florida's Secretary of State Katherine Harris' certification of the electoral votes in Election 2000? Creepy. Anyway, if the state of Florida is waiting on Janet Reno to stand by any decision she's made, then settle down and get comfortable with the rest of us - we're all still waiting on her "stand" on why she chose to play Party pawn to the Clinton administration for eight years.

Janet Reno's record as attorney general is well documented. From the debacle of Waco, to obstructing Congressional Governmental Affairs committee's access to documents by ignoring the subpoenas issued, to little Elian ripped from his family at 5:00 am by armed federal agents - Reno's shining moments read like a Mafioso boss' Christmas wish list. The level of corruption needed to maintain the cover for the Clinton-Gore Machine is outstanding. Janet Reno has no business seeking elected office, much less the highest office in the state of Florida.

For a moment, let's scrutinize Ms. Reno's "accomplishments" while serving as the top cop in the Administration of the Damned.

1. Willingly lent a helping hand in discrediting White House Travel Office employees, who had years of loyal and dedicated service, so they could be removed and replaced with FOBs (and FOH's);

2. Refused at least four times the request to appoint an independent council to investigate illegal campaign contributions during both election cycles under the Clinton regime. This action allowed American national security to be subverted to levels that would have made our Cold War enemies cry tears of joy.

3. Harassed, harangued, and stonewalled the very independent council (Kenneth Starr) she had appointed to investigate the administration on Whitewater and the infamous Lewinsky;

4. Blatantly violated privacy rights of any individual bold enough to stand up against her bosses;

5. Signed off on pardons granted by Bill Clinton of known and avowed terrorists in order to boost the campaigns of candidates Al Gore and Hillary Clinton;

6. Changed INS policy at a crucial time so that the raid on Elian's Miami relatives could be justified.

And that's just off the top of my head.

Taking a page from the Gore 2000 playbook, which should be enshrined in the Smithsonian as what not to do in a political campaign, Reno has filed a court injunction to keep the polls open until 9:00 pm in four Florida counties. Gee, wonder which four they could be? It appears that the state still hasn't quite figured out this most basic process.

The obstructing, lying, enabling, and then ultimately denying is the Reno way of doing business. Sure, some will claim that is was all a set up designed to usher in the Right Wing Conspiracy. You keep telling yourself that, as you go to the polls, Floridians. The whole world will be watching to see if you can get it right this time. Ask yourself this, however; with Janet Reno at the helm of the state, how well will you sleep at night?


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