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What Are You Waiting For?

March 10, 2002

With the heavy publicity and huge success of the New York Times bestseller, Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News, Bernard Goldberg has been touted by conservatives as being the first true whistle-blower of magnitude confirming what we, as conservatives, knew all along. The mainstream media is slanted towards a liberal agenda, to further their own personal opinions and objectives.

If Goldberg's assessment is not accurate, as several sources - including Dan Rather himself - claim, then why all the backlash? Why the outrage? Why the character assassination of Mr. Goldberg? He's been called everything in the book, from a sore loser who never made it in the big leagues, to a has-been who never was. His book has been referred to as a "hyperbolic screed."

That is ironic, considering that Goldberg's work at CBS garnered him, and by default the network, six Emmy Awards for journalism while he was the "cornerstone" correspondent with 48 Hours. It's funny this in never mentioned when nasty retorts or attack-dog editorials about Goldberg are written today.

Another high profile whistle-blower, Gary Aldrich, can sympathize. When his book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, another New York Times bestseller, was eventually released after months of deliberate stall tactics to keep it from the shelves, Aldrich was dubbed a "pathological liar" by the liberal left and persecuted by The Clinton Spin Machine for years. Aldrich's vindication came during the impeachment proceedings against former President Clinton. But, as we have become accustomed to witnessing, no apology, formal or otherwise, was given to Mr. Aldrich. Don't expect any apologies to be extended to Mr. Goldberg soon - even with obvious proof that what he's written is, in fact, very true.

For the truth Goldberg's book has exposed to be verified, something monumental must occur. More conservative journalists residing in the belly of the beast of mainstream media need to come forward. Bernard Goldberg cannot be the only voice. Sure, he's paid a price, a very costly one. He's also opened the door to what could become a full-out assault on the liberal stronghold of American media. Former CBS news correspondent Reid Collins recently came out in support and praise of Goldberg's manuscript "Goldberg Is Right" Says Former CBSer Reid Collins ( This is all fine and well, but more need to join Goldberg and Collins and say, "Enough is enough!"

Fear of being branded conservative in mainstream media today is akin to being branded a Red, or a communist in the 1950s. It's the "go along to get along, or else" mentality which keeps most conservative reporters and commentators silent about their affiliations, opinions and politics. Of course, news reporting, real new reporting is supposed to be un-biased in every aspect. Most thinking people can concur this practice has long ago fallen by the wayside. Want a few good examples? When Representative Gary Condit was first thrust into the limelight with the story of the missing intern, Chandra Levy - who is still missing - most major new sources, including the Big Three, CNN and CSPAN, all referred to Condit as either a Republican or "very conservative." In about 60 seconds, anyone with access to the Internet could have surfed to the House of Representatives web site and determined Condit's political party - Democrat. Then again, the media only referred to Condit being a Democrat a total of 14 times based on the Media Research Center's figures.

Contrast Condit's tender treatment with Dan Rather's repetitive, almost Tourette Syndrome-like, usage of "the Republican Secretary of State, Katharine Harris." Oh, and let's not forget the "as she sees it" line, referring to her certification of George W. Bush as the winner of the electoral votes from the state of Florida. No Dan, it's not how she sees it, it's how the Florida State Constitution sees it. Did that little factoid slip under your research screen, or were you too busy making up the facts as you went along?

Denial, it's been said, is the first sign of a real problem. Pathological denial is the red flag waving frantically. With all the major media outlets - from television, newsprint and even radio - screaming and pounding the table that there is no liberal bias in mainstream media, the fury is bringing more attention to the accusation. Helping matters would be if more brave souls like Mr. Goldberg would come forward and speak out on the assimilation tactics used by these same media elite to silence and intimidate their conservative colleagues - those who have witnessed it first hand. Complaining about it in hushed circles, throwing hands up in a "what-can-I-do-about-it?" frustration, while covertly enabling the bias to continue isn't going to cut it. Speaking out publicly, in numbers and in volume, is the only way to turn the tide of intimidation within the Forth Estate.

Until that time, Bernard Goldberg stands alone. It's shameful to be ridiculed, hurtful to be called a liar - just ask Gary Aldrich. But when you're vindicated, it is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Just think, if enough come forward, maybe Goldberg won't have to wait years for his reward.

What are you waiting for?


© 2002 Lori Cutshall

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