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About Me

I love photography. And if you love what you do, it makes it so much more than just a "job!"

I have been shooting professionally for several years, and I enjoy sharing my gift with others.

I travel extensively with my husband of 26 years, and have documented our various trips with pictures. We live in Tennessee with our two cats, Jake and Elwood, who are so used to seeing "Mommy" with a camera in hand they either run or stop to pose!

-- Lori Cutshall


My Equipment


Cameras and Lenses

I shoot with Nikon DSLR cameras, Nikor 18-55mm, Nikor 18-300mm and Tamron 18-270mm lenses. I use a Nikon SB-600 speed light with 360 degree rotation.

Photo Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks with Topaz Labs filter applications are a necessity, and are as important to the process as the equipment.